Native type II collagen: 10 mg

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The working of the body’s defense system naturally relies upon a complex balance of reactions.
In some cases, this balance gets modified causing loss of mobility, stiffness and performance drop.


The type II collagen present in NC2 is achieved through a unique patented process at low temperature which ensures quality.

This type of process allows type II collagen retaining its original structure: the form of a triple helix having kept its epitopes. 

NC2 can be used alone or in addition to Bioglucosamine Max or Biocondil.


Boxes of 30 and 90 capsules.

Also available as duopacks
with 180 film-coated tablets of Biocondil and 90 capsules NC2.

Each NC2 capsule contain

40 mg collagen containing 10.0 mg of native type II collagen (undenaturated).



1 capsule daily. 

It is recommended to take NC2 on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

Notification number: AS 21/27

Food supplement • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.